For the pursuit of a humanistic architecture and planning approaches that are meaningful and reasonable for its occupants and time, characterised by harmonious proportions, rational spatial composition, suffused with natural light, informed by the site and climate, and built with a respect for its local history, culture and materials

Principal Architect
Chu Lik Ren



Lik Ren is a registered architect based in Singapore and has over 25 years of experience in master-planning, architectural design, interior design, detailing, project management and implementation of a wide-range of building project types in Singapore and overseas. He has designed and implemented residential, educational, cultural, community, recreational, conservation and transportation projects. His conversion of the old Tao Nan School at Armenian Street to the Asian Civilisations Museum from 1992-1996 while he was with the then PWD was awarded the URA Architectural Award in 1998. His designs for various private residences were featured in regional publications and he was one of the "20 Under 45" group of architects featured in the URA exhibition in 2004. He is a committed educator with regular teaching engagements in the National University of Singapore and has previously taught at the Singapore Polytechnic. He has been a contributing writer to regional architectural magazines since 2000. He established Chu Lik Ren Architects in 2010.


Publications of works by Chu Lik Ren